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Reporting Fraud

It is important to know that all CVR New York employees are required to report violations of the law as it relates to the Housing Choice Voucher Program. It is also important to know that all persons participating (either as a Voucher Holder or Property Owner) in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) are obligated to report fraudulent activity.

The process to report suspected fraud and the information that should be included in any such report are outlined below.

Submit your report to CVR New York at the address below.
CVR New York
Attention: Fraud Department
112 East Post Road
Suite 102
White Plains, New York 10601

Information to include in your report.
  • Who was involved?
    Names, Addresses, phone numbers (if available).

  • What happened?
    Summary of events, additional sources of evidence.

  • When did it happen?
    Date, time, frequency of occurrences(s).

  • Where did it happen?
    Location, street address, apartment/unit number, city, state, etc.

  • Why was it done?
    Any known motive to commit the alleged act.

  • How did it happen?
    Describe any scheme used to commit the alleged act of fraud (if applicable).